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Top produced in satin gloss fabric! It has the right compression to fit the body comfortably and safely. With details in 3D effect fabric developed in microfiber. It is light and has a good fit. It has very discreet holes that help in the passage of air, keeping the skin dry and fresh. With elastic waistband and removable cup.

Modeling: Adjusted

Composition: 87% Polyamide / 13% Elastane

Available sizes S,

  • Dirty clothes must not be accumulated for a long time, and must be kept dry and out of sunlight and in a cool and airy place (never leave them packed in plastic bags);
  • Wash the hand;
  • Separate light and dark colors;
  • Use neutral soaps, always using the amount indicated by the manufacturer (the soap must have on the packaging the guarantee that it is specific for delicate articles);
  • Do not soak;
  • Do not wring and do not store wet.


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