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Cropped made of ribbed mesh, providing freedom of movement, greater physiological comfort, allowing the exchange of heat with the environment. Because it is made of 100% cotton, it absorbs sweat and facilitates perspiration and in the cold acts as a thermal insulator. Created with the tie dye technique, in which each piece is unique and has unique effects, as it undergoes special washes to create a more faded look, but with a softer and more malleable touch. The tie dye pattern and colors can vary from piece to piece, as it is a completely manual technique.

Modeling / Modeling: Soltinha / Relaxed fitting
Composition / Composition: 100% Cotton / 100% Cotton

Available sizes S,M

  • Dirty clothes must not be stored for a long time, and must be kept dry and away from sunlight and in a cool and airy place (never leave them packed in plastic bags);
  • Wash the hand;
  • Separate light and dark colors;
  • Use neutral soaps, always using the amount indicated by the manufacturer (the soap must have on the packaging the guarantee that it is specific for delicate articles);
  • Do not soak;
  • Do not wring and do not store wet.


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